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control your own boat

We have instructors / skippers who will assist on almost any size or type of vessel - sailing yacht, motor cruiser, rib or sports boat - aiming towards giving confidence to a 'new boat owner' in gaining the best out of his new craft - the course will start with an inspection of the vessel giving some advice on kit, the boat, etc. including the sails / engines / safety kit / navigational aids, etc. We will go out, assisting in the control of the boat leaving a berth, a passage itself, manoeuvering in confined areas and include a Man overboard exercise, returning to the harbour, etc. We will discuss what you want to achieve and endeavour to assist, or purely go along as an experienced skipper to give confidence and advice where felt appropriate, to get to know your vessels limitations and to assist in your longer term enjoyment of your new purchase and the safety of the crew, friends and family on the boat.

Assumed knowledge: The ability to helm a sailing yacht or motor cruiser, however being less confident in the new boat and wanting certain advice or additional knowledge.
Minimum duration: Usually one day.
Minimum age: Will normally be the adult owner of the boat together with his partners if applicable or his family who may be crew. It is not suitable to take young children on earlier trips on a new boat, rather to get your confidence together first, and feel happy that you can both control the vessel safely and monitor the children on board!
Course content: General helming of the specific boat - how things work and checks that should be made before setting to sea, starting up and closing down the boat, general seamanship whilst providing knowledge of IRPCS etc. if felt applicable.
Ability after the course: to be confident as the skipper of your new boat
Student to Instructor Ratio: Not applicable, numbers are dependant upon the particular vessel however we would prefer that the group is kept to '5 max' plus an instructor. In certain instances and on larger craft and sailing yachts where the owners group has little experience we will take a second BPT employee as crew to assist with deck work, berthing, etc.


Course Prices
Course price: instructor only £190.00
Course price: instructor and crew £320.00
prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%

Course prices above is for a vessel in Bembridge, additional costs for travel, accommodation if necessary, expenses, etc. will be applicable if the craft is elsewhere.