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night time course

Our bespoke night time course aims at those who would like to extend their knowledge to being able to take trips out at night to local ports and harbours to instil confidence and competence in undertaking such a passage with a knowledge of particular hazards and problems that may occur in the dark, which may not have been considered upon 'leaving home in the light'.

It is a popular course held over approximately 5 hours starting in the training room with theory on rules of the road, lights, navigation, passage planning (emphasising the need to be more aware of vessel movements, the ferry routes, knowing the lighting sequence of buoys, the ships and boats, etc.) This is followed by a practical outing in the Solent using our passage plan to a destination decided by the Instructor/skipper together with yourselves, pointing out the hazards that are encountered and identifying buoys, ships and boats by their lights and taking the appropriate action.

The night time course is planned for 'good weather' not necessarily a moonlit night but a clear night, we will re-schedule the course if it is likely to be particularly rough or foggy, the aim is to learn about taking to sea at night and the problems that could be encountered rather than actually being placed in the pressurised position of dealing with the emergency situations that could arise, disorientation in fog, or having to cope with 'counting flashing lights' whilst concentrating on reading the water, waves, etc .

Assumed knowledge: To be experienced in skippering a powerboat by day and have a reasonable knowledge of the theory associated.
Minimum duration: +/- 5 hours starting approx. 2 - 3 hours before dark
Minimum age: Normally 'over 16's', this course is not suitable for young children, teenagers may attend depending upon their previous experience in powerboats but should be accompanied by an appropriate adult
Course content: Theory and a night time navex on the Solent to a Port that you may wish to visit with your family and friends for an evening out.
Ability after the course: To have the knowledge and some confidence in undertaking a nightime passage to a local known port.
Student to Instructor Ratio: Normally run at a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio


Course Prices
Per person (3:1/4:1) £135.00
Individual tuition: £ 395.00
prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%

This course may be offered on your own boat - cost of course would be £225, however the Instructor / or BPT representative would require to have previously helmed the boat during 'light hours' on a short passage and to have had the opportunity of checking the safety kit, electronic aids and other kit on the vessel to ensure that it is fit for sea and fully prepared for a night time passage. Additional cost £50 per hour - say two hours on an previously unknown boat.